$1 DIY Boot Shapers

$1 DIY Boot Shapers

Hey guys, it’s Katie! Keep your boots in great shape with these $1 DIY Boot Shapers.

I bought my daughter this cute pair of boots for Christmas but the other day she came out and the zipper on the back was all out of wack. The zipper works but it’s sewn at the top so it’s really just for looks. Thankfully, my husband was able to get it back together for her. But these boot shapers will keep them upright so the zipper doesn’t come apart from the boot tops from falling down. The boots in the picture are a women’s size 9, just for reference.

It’s super easy and simple to do. I purchased pool noodles from the Dollar Store, but you can find them at WalMart too. Or if you don’t want to leave the house or don’t want to leave the house you can get some here.

Now you just need to stick the noodle in the boot and mark how high it is. Then cut the noodle with a pair of scissors. Cut another to match, and voila! You have boot shapers. You could easily dress these up for a useful gift by covering them with fabric. As they are just going in our boots I left them uncovered.

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