10 ideas for summer games that are budget friendly ~ Learn Vest

 LearnVest is an online resource to help you budget.  BUT they also have all sorts of daily tips for living a frugal life.  You can sign up for free and if you are not ready to budget you can just click the “not ready to budget button” on the bottom of the page.  On the home page you will find all kinds of great resources.  They listed 10 ideas for summer games that are budget friendly.   I loved these ideas!  Check out LearnVest for the full list of 10 ideas… but here are my favorite 4 ideas.
Bubble Party
Water Balloon Pinata
Pool Noodle Fun
Outdoor Twister

So get of of debt without desperately seeking ways for how to get 1000 dollars fast, or stay on top of your budget with LearnVest