Mommy Moments ~ No No Mess

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This summer has been VERY busy for me!  I am worried I may never catch up.  I admit I have had a hard time finding a good balance with the kids home from school, family reunions, trips to the pool, working, couponing and every other thing on my to-do  list.  I find myself up to all hours of the night, then crabby the next morning due to lack of sleep.

Last week I was trying my best to get some work done, the house was a total mess (which makes me grumpy cause I do not like it messy)  and I needed to be out the door within an hour to a meeting.  I had sent the kids up to get there clothes changed when I came into the kitchen I found my 2 year old standing at the kitchen counter half naked, with spaghettio’s all down the front of him, talking on his sisters pink cell phone.  I was so upset I wanted to cry… it was one more mess to clean up on top of my already neglected to-do list.

Maveric could see I was not happy, just then he yelled into his sisters phone in a deep voice said, ” No, No Mess” I could not help but smile.  I still was not happy that I had extra work to do, but I could see the humor in the moment and instead of pulling my hair out and screaming. So I grabbed my camera that way I can remember his cute little chubby tummy covered in “O’s” for years to come.