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Free Reusable Breast Pads, nursing pads from breastpads.com with promo code AThriftyMom1, #FREE, #Baby, #Nursing, #BreastPads

If you plan to breast feed or know someone who is this is an AWESOME FREEBIE!  Right now Breastpads.com is offering 10 FREE pair of washable breast pads with promo code ATHRIFTYMOM1.  WIth 30 styles to pick from, these are both useful and fun.

Free breast pads order

You can pick out 5 sets (each set has 2 pair, or 4 pads).  Add 5 sets to your cart and then use promo code ATHRIFTYMOM1 and it will take $35 off your cart making them FREE just pay $12.95 for shipping.  That is 10 sets, so it makes them only $1.30 a pair/ set shipped right to your door. If you would like more you can order additional pairs of Breast Pads/ Nursing Pads for $2 each and pay extra $.50 for shipping per pair.Free Reusable Breast Pads from breastpads.com with promo code AThriftyMom1, #FREE, #Baby, #Nursing, #BreastPads

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  1. How’s this #free if you have to pay $16.99 for s&h? Bummer! I was ready to send them as a gift too.

  2. Oh thank you, Sherri!! I have been wanting to get reusable breast pads!! 🙂 🙂

  3. I have those and they are awesome. I’m not leaking yet and only go out a few time during the week so it’s a plus lol well worth the money!

  4. Of the people who have used these, can anyone tell me what they’re made of? I’ve looked on the website and can’t tell if there’s any sort of waterproof material so that you don’t end up soaking through to your shirts or anything. Also, A Thrifty Mom how long is this code good for?

  5. Have you tried these? I’m not due till September, but reusable instead of buying over and over seems like a good idea lol

  6. I don’t see these on their site. I am only seeing nursing covers and 3pc gift sets.

  7. Yes you can… but these ones you can wash and use over and over. No more tossing them in the trash only to spend $12 next month 🙂

  8. I saw this too. Shipping is like $12 and I could buy some disposable ones for that in store I think.

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