100 Business Cards shipped for only $5 ~ Only 2 Days Left

ONLY 2 days left to make 100 business cards for only $5 shipped!  Thinking outside the box, make your kids Mommy Bucks or Mommy Points cards.  When you catch them being good, or doing extra jobs around the house they get a card.  They can then save or redeem the card for special things like a trip with Mom to get ice-cream, or 30 minutes tv time.   It helps them understand how to save for larger things.

I am SO excited about this offer I wait ALL YEAR for it :)  Right now you can get 100 business cards for only $5 and that INCLUDES shipping.  But it never last long so HURRY and make your personalized cards. Offer ends 9/21! Perfect for kids that are starting their own baby sitting or lawn mowing business.  Or for Mommy Cards to pass out to your children’s friends parents with all your contact info in one spot.

We bought a bunch of these last time they had this offer and used them as Mini Christmas cards, click here for more photos. Way cheaper than buying Christmas cards for all our neighbors and church friends. The kids had fun passing them out to their friends as well.

 To make Mini Photo Cards just select the Upload Your Own Design and use your family photo as the image.

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