50 Free photo cards UPDATE! Overnight shipping as low as $5.19

Many of my readers have been able to order these today …and do overnight shipping for as low as $5.19….read the comments for even more info. ¬†Great deal!!!

For those who seem to be getting a message saying there is no photo on the card, just click continue like I did. It still uploads the photo. And at check out I have gone back to make sure and everything is still there… I have even logged out and back in, and it’s still there.

Its still good! Hurry before its gone

matSeeHere has a deal that is still good..hurry. You can get 50 free 4×8 Holiday Cards with envelopes! First go to here to Order your Photo Cards from SeeHere.com

Then at check out use the code newbaby (lowercase) and order 50 4×8 photo cards.

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We Just Ordered Ours Finally


Shipping is around $3 depending on where you are located.

Order your Photo Cards from SeeHere.com today

Thanks Money Saving Mom

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