100 Free Thank You cards

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We got ours yesterday


We had such a wonderful Christmas this year. We learned so much about or friends and were able to help the kids give out presents. They really enjoyed learning about what Christmas is about and about giving to others. This year we received so many cute gifts. From cute homemade candies to homemade gift baskets to wonderful store bought items. All were given with such kind hearts.

This year we thought it would be so nice to return the thoughtfulness and show our children that when you receive something, you should also say “Thank You”.

We made these cute Free photo cards this year. We just made them and they are being shipped to us now. You can get 100 Free Thank You cards free by Clicking here.

First just click the top left “Standard” Photo card (its the bright yellow flower) then simply pick the design you would like to use. They have hundreds to choose from.

If you add your own photo or other more unique feature they may start to charge you. Like we added 100 envelopes for under $3.50.

At the end of your purchase they will try and sell you more items. That is up to you to choose or not. The slower shipping also only takes about 5-7 days, although they say 21. We just pick the cheaper one, each time we order through them.

If you want 100 free postcards to pick and design on your own, Click here

Thanks Frugal Coupon Living for this great idea

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