12 Ways to Celebrate the First Day Back to School

12 Ways to Celebrate the First Day Back to School

It’s Katie. Who’s ready for their kids to go back to school? I know for me and my kids we are full of mixed emotions. We are ready for the routine and the kids are ready to see and make new friends but there’s the anxiety of new teachers and no more lazy summer days together. Why not celebrate with some fun traditions to ease the tension.

12 Ways to Celebrate the First Day Back to School

Here are 12 fun ways to celebrate the first day back to school

  1. Special Breakfast. It’s fun for the kids to wake up and enjoy a special breakfast. Make their favorites or some smiley chocolate chip pancakes.
  2. First Day Pics. Take their picture in the morning before they go to commemorate the big day. Let them take a few silly ones too!
  3. Plan a special snack for after school. You can surprise them or let them help you plan it out and it gives them something to look forward to.
  4. Lunch Notes. Let your kiddo know you’re thinking of them during the day with a special note in their lunch. If your kid eats school lunch sneak a note into their backpack.
  5. Have one last summer party. Invite the kids’ friends and have one last summer party. Get the water balloons out and have some fun snacks.
  6. Have a school uniform fashion show. Let the kids dress up to show off their new uniforms or favorite back to school outfits.
  7. Back to School Haircuts. Get the kids a fresh new look or just a trim to help them feel they look their best.
  8. Back to School interviews. I found these back to school interviews that are great for writing down memories.
  9. Backpack Keychains. You can make this as easy as you want. Make fun keychains with the kids with thread, beads, rubber bands, or surprise them the morning of the first day with a fun keychain you bought them.
  10. The Kissing Hand. When my middle child started school he was very nervous. This book plus us trading kisses on each others hands each morning before school made going to school a bit easier for him. It was also an easy way for him to remember I loved him without everybody knowing he missed his mom. Find the book HERE.
  11. Back to School Feast. You can hold this either the night before or the day of. You can make their favorite things to eat, or have a nacho/taco bar or a big bbq. Make a special cake or some ice cream sundaes to celebrate!
  12. Parent Party Day. Celebrate your kids heading to school with a day for you! See a movie, get a pedicure, go to lunch. Take this day to celebrate the end of summer.

What are your favorite back to school traditions? Tell us on facebook or in the comments below!

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