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140 Customized Labels – $5 Shipped

It’s that time of year! Vistaprint is offering up $5 personalized labels just in time for the holiday season! With this great deal, you can get 140 personalized labels shipped right to your door for only $5 that makes them just $.04 each! With tons of designs, these labels are perfect for holiday return address labels or cute gift tags, giving your holiday cards and gifts a personal touch. If you just got married or made a big move, this is also a great time to stock up and update your family and friends.

christmas labels

Teacher Gift Ideas For Christmas

We have made labels for our kids teachers in the past for Christmas gifts and they were a big hit! Both useful and CUTE :)

With over 7,000 of designs to choose from, these labels are extremely versatile. You are sure to find a design that suits your style. Unsure where to start? Sort by style or theme or search for a specific color or image!  So hurry and make yours NOW!

 We have made labels for our kids they have really like them. Thousands to pick from you make them special for each personality.

Or you can make the standard  address labels. You can use standard template or you can make them personal by adding a photo.  You can also make them gift tags , By adding a simple To and From.

christmas label

 We make these every year for our family, I make them for several different projects. I make them with our family photo on them, then use them to put on plates of cookies (instead of a Christmas card).

These would be really cute as put on a jar or homemade goodies!  My friends did this last year they made hot fudge… it was amazing    You can also make them gift tags for Christmas, By adding a simple To and From!


  1. I just made a second order. I ordered gift tags for Christmas. First order was address labels.

  2. Done! Christmas photo cards are only 7.49 as well so I grabbed those too! What a deal

  3. You get 140 for them free and they ship for $5.00 making them just 4 cents each

  4. I see the labels are $5, but then shipping is $5, so $10 shipped. Am I missing something on getting free shipping?

  5. Liz I just ordered, no code needed. Just clicked the link to vistaprint and the price was auto adjusted

  6. ad is just kinda misleading when you word it like this “140 CUSTOM LABELS, STICKERS FOR ONLY $.04 SHIPPED FREE “

  7. Please be very careful with having your kids names and address on something like this. To many nut cases in the world.

  8. Yes sorry it is $5 that is with shipping…. so 140 of them shipped is $,04 each sorry for the confusing wording

  9. It should run a few weeks…. BUT often they pull the offer in just a few days because they get so many orders. I would not wait very long if you want to grab this deal

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