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We love our school teacher and our aide at Matthew’s school. We pound our heads together every year to get that cute gift that we can give to Matthew’s teachers. This year we made these cute labels for his teacher to put in her books and items she uses in her class room. What a cute, unique gift idea!

CLICK HERE to make yours

They also have new kid themes too:


These are FREE, and only had to pay $3.04 in shipping! (Shipping Varies from $3.03 and $3.83 depending on location). And it says it takes 21 days , but I have always gotten mine in 7-8 days.

Click Here!

After you click here:

Click on the Free Return Address Labels then,

a drop down menu titled “Industry” is available, click that

and scroll down till you see “Education and Child Care” click that

then pick the design of your choice


Free set of labels for you or for family far away (easy to mail to them)

Here are the Labels we made (minus the address, because of privacy) You can make such cute little labels with your kids or who ever! They are FREE just pay shipping which is between $3.03 and $3.83 depending on shipping.
Click Here! Click here to make these

OR give your favorite sports fan some personalized labels on your favorite team!


Click Here!Click here to make these

Or how about drug list to place in important areas in the car, home or purse


It’s best to pay by Paypal, some credit card companies¬† charge a small fee for certain online purchases.

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