15 Free Date Night Ideas

15 Free Date Night Ideas

It’s Katie! I love having fun on the cheap with my husband. Here are 15 free date night ideas that won’t break the bank they’re so thrifty! Even better, all these dates might cost you is some gas or a few groceries, some are completely free.

15 Free Date Night Ideas

1. Tour a small nearby town. Pick a town you’ve never visited or a touristy town. Walk around downtown, visit historical landmarks, browse local antique shops. If you don’t want to drive too far check out your own city’s downtown.

2. Make ice cream together. These are a few of our favorite recipes HERE and HERE.

3. Check out a local second hand bookstore and browse. Or better yet, your local library and find a spot to read together i.e. a park bench, lake, or a cozy spot at home like a hammock. We love doing this together and then talking about what we’re reading.

4. Game Night with Friends! Have each couple bring their favorite game and a snack to share. This is one of our favorite games to bring and here’s a yummy snack idea.

5. Check out your local farmer’s market!

6. Stargazing. Drive out from the city lights and share few uninterrupted moments together.

7. Hike. Get your exercise and spend time together for free.

8. Volunteer together.

9. Concert in the park. Check out what your city has to offer like festivals, or concerts in the park that are FREE!

10. Visit a gallery opening or new art exhibit. We’ve done this one before and it was fun to get each other’s perspective on pieces of art. And to see how much alike and sometimes different we are.

11. Go to a poetry reading. The local university or a even coffee shop often has free poetry readings and guest lectures.

12. Celebrate National Waffle day or whatever “holiday” it is. Find what to celebrate each day HERE.

13. Geocaching – It’s like going on a treasure hunt!

14. Play an outdoor sport. Grab your rackets and play tennis. Or shoot some hoops and play “PIG” or “Around the World”

15. Go to the beach. Don’t live on the coast? We like to go to the lake. Hunt seashells, skip rocks, bring a picnic.

Have any free date nights you love? Share them in the comments!!

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