LEGO Dimensions Stock Up Price

 My 6 year old wants a new Lego Dimension pack for his birthday. SO I was pretty excited to find these up to 70% off. WHILE SUPPLIES LAST prices will change without notice. scooby

Chima Cragger Fun Pack – LEGO Dimensions 51% off

Scooby Doo Team Pack – LEGO Dimensions 56% off
Portal 2 Level Pack – LEGO Dimensions 70% off

Ninjago Team Pack – LEGO Dimensions 48% off

Wizard of Oz _ Lego Dimensions  42% off

LEGO Movie Unikitty Fun Pack – LEGO Dimensions 42% off

LEGO Dimensions, Simpsons Krusty Fun Pack 42% Off

LEGO Movie Emmet Fun Pack – LEGO Dimensions 40% off

Chima Eris Fun Pack – LEGO Dimensions 54% off

LEGO Dimensions, Movie Bad Cop Fun Pack 46% off

Lord Of The Rings Legolas Fun Pack – LEGO Dimensions 44% off

LEGO Dimensions, Simpsons Bart Fun Pack 48% off


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55 thoughts on “LEGO Dimensions Stock Up Price”

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  2. Jolene Thornhill

    My local 99cent store has these and like 10 other characters !! I got one of each to use in Easter eggs this year !

  3. Tina Giardina Gilmore

    In CA we have a store called 99 cent store. I got my son 20 if them on Fri

  4. Aimee Carter

    All characters work with ANY of the starter packs!! You just have to make sure you get the correct starter pack for your gaming system

  5. Laura Lamkin

    Just to let you know… 5Below has Lego dementions they some tines run a sale 2 for 5.

  6. Aimee Carter

    Any of the additional packs work with ANY of the gaming systems and any starter packs.

  7. Ann-Carl Ercoli

    Thanks my son has been begging for these. Will make great Birthday and Christmas presents

  8. Whitney Kala

    Please let me know if I have to only get batman characters if I got the batman starter kit 🙂 thx

  9. Christyn Herrick Inciardi

    Have a good night. Hope you start feeling like yourself soon

  10. MaryLouise Arispe

    You are looking much better 😉🙊🙊🙊🙊💙💛💚💜❤

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  12. Glenna Downing DeSouza

    I have always done that I think they liked it more As n Easter hunt

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