2 pack wasp nest decoys

2 pack wasp nest decoys

Have you ever tried a decoy to keep wasps from making a nest on your house? Get this 2 pack wasp nest decoys and see if they help keep them away.

2 pack wasp nest decoys

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  • Effective deterrent: Wasp nest decoy could deterrent wasps by simulating the look of an enemy hive in size, shape, and color, several species of wasps and hornets will not build nest near another colony.
  • Waterproof material: Made with super light polyester to repel rain and resist wind, way more durable and resilient than paper fake wasp nest. Built for outdoor use in tough environments.
  • Safe: Just simply hang the fake wasp nest.
  • Easy to hang: You can hang the wasp nest anywhere you want clear of wasps.
  • Size: 2 Pack of durable artificial wasp nests, each hanging eco-friendly wasp deterrent measures 8.5 inches in diameter with a height of 11 inches.

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