Amazon Prime ~ Free 30 Day Trial

Amazon Prime ~ Free 30 Day Trial


Prime BenefitsHave you been wondering about Amazon Prime? You’ve seen all the deals that you could get shipped free with Prime membership. But free 2 day shipping is not all you can get. With Prime membership you have access to thousands of movies and tv shows and Kindle books to borrow for free.

You can try it out for free for 1 month to see if you like it. After that it’s $99 a year. For 13 months (including the free trial month) it works out to being only $7.62/month.

Personally I love Prime! Amazon Prime saves me tons of time shopping, especially at Christmas, plus when I find a great deal I only have to wait 2 days to get it! I started using Amazon Mom too and so far I am saving money on toilet paper, diapers, wipes, dish soap and even razors.

Amazon PrimeThe benefits include:

Check out Amazon Student… If you’re a student, even part-time, you can get 6 months FREE Prime and after that its 50% off the regular price AND you get Full Prime Benefits.


  1. I have enjoyed our Amazon prime with free shipping and even watched a movie using it on our RoKu 🙂

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