2 pairs of LA CROSS Barber Shears for only .29 cents at Walgreens

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IMG_0590While at my local Walgreens  I came across a very thrifty deal on LA CROSS Barber Shears, normal price is $8.99. They were on sale for buy one get one free.  PLUS they were on clearance for only $2.29.  But to make this an even deal they had a peelie coupon for $1.00 off…you can use two.  That means you get two pair for only .29 cents or .15 cents each!!!!!


Please note that not all stores clearance there items at the same time…or they may not all have peelie coupons.  BUT if you are at your local Walgreens they are worth looking for!


Before Sale price or coupons this would have cost me $36.03 plus tax

I was able to get it all for $3.50

I had $4 in register rewards that I needed to use because they were going to expire.  Here is how I used them to get a thrifty deal.

2 Lacross Tweezer buy one get one free $7.99

2 Lacorss Barber Shears $8.99 on clearance $2.29 buy one get one free

used 4 coupons for $1 off Lacross found on package

I wanted to pay with  register rewards so I needed a few filler items so my coupon item ratio would work out.  So I grabbed 3 school supplies on sale for .19 cents each this week.  This allowed me to then pay with 2 $2 register rewards bringing my total due down to $3.50.


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