$250.00 gift card offer

I wanted to tell you about this new gift card offer, it is an easy way to get $250.00.  But as always there is a few stings attached.  I suggest you click on the logo, give them your “coupon junk email” ( if you do not know what I am talking about read my Freebies 101 post here) this way your personal email does not get junk mail.  Here is the catch with this offer, you have to pick offers to complete,  pick your offers to sign up.  You can always cancel them later if you so not like them.  

I have a good friend Jill, she does these offers daily for a hole list of different companies.  She always has a gift card for everything, stores, restaurants you name it.  She got them all from filling out surveys and offers like the one above.  She is a pro at  it and has made it into a way to support her family while staying at home.  Click the logo above it you want to check it out for yourself.

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