3 Thrifty Deals you do not want to miss…

anks to Trina for passing along these thrifty deals,

walmart logo

First off, if anyone still has $1.00 off White Cloud TP coupons left, they expire soon (I think 8/9) and at Walmart the 4 double roll packs are still $2.00.  So you can get 4 double rolls = 8 single rolls for $1 which is 12.5 cents per roll!
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Second, if you look at the front cover of the Staples ad this week, the 5 ream HP office paper is B1G1.  This is also a 19.99 rebate when you buy two, and you can use the coupon on the cover to get a $10 gift card for a future purchase.  So here’s the math.  Get 2 cases: pay 39.98, use the coupon to get a $10 gift card, and submit for 19.99 rebate.  Factoring in gift card and rebate, you end up paying $9.99 for 5000 sheets of paper, or $1 for 500 sheets.  This is an awesome deal for all of use thrifty moms who use a lot of paper printing coupons.  NOTE: Yesterday when I went the to Nampa store, they were all out of stock, but the super friendly manager helped me order it online and then pay at the cash register.  I was still able to use the coupon and the great part is they had it shipped right to my house for free and I got it this morning, one day later!
Third, I wanted to remind anyone who is a Honey Bunches of Oats lover to go to Fred Meyer this week and get some cheap cereal.  There is a store coupon for Post Cereals 3/$5 and when you buy 4 boxes, a $3 catalina prints out.  Use 2 $1/2 coupons for Honey Bunches of Oats or any Post Cereal, and the total after catalina, coupons, and tax comes to $2.07 for 4 boxes!!!  These are regular price at Fred Meyer for $3.09 for one box.  I just went yesterday and got 28 boxes and there is still a lot left.  I’m not sure if the catalina is printing on all Post cereals or just on Honey Bunches of Oats.

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