3 weeks behind, feels good to be back on track

coupon clipping

I am not sure about you but my  summer has been very BUSY… I feel like we are going 100 miles an hour from the minute we get up till the time we go to bed.  That being said I have to admit I am 3 weeks behind on clipping my coupons.  The stack was getting a bit overwhelming and I had to get it done.  I went to spend time with my family yesterday, while my little sister is in town.

We were all sitting around the kitchen talking, talking care of kids, working on projects and I whip out my big ole coupon binder.  I am the only one in my family that coupons… my sister is law says, “Wow you take that thing into the store with you?”  Makes me laugh, I guess I forget how strange my coupon binder must look to some people. But this thing saves me a lot of money each month… so YES I do haul it into the store with me :).

I was multitasking snuggling my sweet little niece Rosie, and clipping coupons at the same time.

Do you multitask while clipping coupons?

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