37 Day with Antoine our boy from France ~ Day 1

Welcome to America, travel, France

If you have followed our blog for awhile you might remember that we have had our distant cousins (10th cousins) from France come to stay with us for a few weeks in the summer. I have LOVED having these boys stay in our home and love them as if they were our own kids! This year we are happy to welcome the 3rd brother into our home.

Welcome to America, travel, FranceThe kids worked hard on their signs to welcome him to America. His flight was delayed about 25 minutes so the kids were about ready to go nuts waiting for him to arrive. But he finally walked thru the gates and they were beyond excited! And a little shocked at how tall he was.Welcome to America, travel, FranceWhen we saw him 2 years ago he was the same height as me, about 5″5 but he has grown by leaps and bounds and is well over 6 feet now. But still has the same adorable smile and charming personality! Welcome to America, travel, France

We took him out to dinner at Applebee’s since it was kids night, and kids eat for only $1.99 each.  He ordered a steak with baked potatoes and steamed veggies. He sure enjoyed his company at dinner and laughed a lot. The kids must have said his name 100 times and he joked that he was going to have nightmares tonight of the kids saying his name over and over. Welcome to America, travel, France

We try and say his name in “french” but we tend to say it with a very heavy American accent. He told us when we say his name it reminds him of a ball bouncing up and down…. lol. Maybe by day 37 we can pronounce it better, but I would not bet money on it. 🙂Welcome to America, travel, FranceHe brought gifts, which the kids were very excited about. But first he told us the people at the airport placed a “nice note” in his luggage telling him they went thru is baggages and messed it all up.   It was from the TSA, but the way he said it made us all laugh.Welcome to America, travel, FranceI LOVE this french mustard but we can not find it here in the states so I was very happy to have him bring me some. They use it to make salad dressing and it is so yummy! He also brought me a beautiful glass jar filled with French treats. The hard handies taste much like menthol cough drops which the kids were confused by… but the caramels were delicious. Welcome to America, travel, FranceThe kids all got foam airplanes and animals. We also got two new aprons for the kitchen! I love these gifts, but most excited to have Antoine in our home and spend the next few weeks with him.Welcome to America, travel, France


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