Family Photo with JohannWe had our Ashby Family reunion this weekend, we took a family photo but took a few photos with Johann in them too.  Might as well, we totally enjoy having him here and love him as if he was one of our own kids.  Amazing how fast you can grow to love someone.  He is such an amazing boy, and makes our home a happier place just by having him here.Johann and Matthew playing the flour gameHe jumped right in and participated in all our silly family games.  But did tell us in France they EAT food, instead of playing with it.  Since most our games had something to do with food.
Johann with a 52oz sodaMy brother went to grab a soda at the gas station, when he came back Johann was shocked at how BIG his soda was.  It was a 52 oz cup, but that size drink for one person  can’t be found in France.  Johann with a pet ratHe was also a little surprised when he found out my niece has a pet rat. He was brave and let the  little thing run all over him.   He also got to ride a 4 wheeler, which he totally enjoyed.  Typical teen boy that loves to ride fast and make a lot of dust :).  It was a great weekend!Johann with the 4 wheelers


  1. Coming from Canada…. I was shocked with the serving sizes too! Great family picture!!

  2. U look amazing for having 5 kids! Good work mama! God’s wonders!!! 🙂

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