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Johann at the baseball gameBaseball is very much an American sport so Johann was excited to go see a baseball game live.  We went to see the Boise Hawks play.  They do a great job of making it a family friendly event and allow the kids to do fun things like run the bases, catch balls and go down on the field to sing Take Me Out To The Ballgame.  We were there almost 4 hours, it was kind of windy.  Johann did a great job of helping with the kids and even holding the baby.  He put his hat on her to keep the wind out of her face. Such a sweet boy to help!

The night before Matt and Johann went on a rafting trip on the Payette River, that is where they picked up the hats.Johann and baby Madilyn

Johann was making toast and asked were the butter was, since the butter dish was empty.  He was very surprised to see it was SO SMALL. He said this is the first food item he has found that is smaller than France.  Most things are much larger in America, but our cubes of butter are smaller :). Johann butterJohann was able to taste a Krispy Kreme…. he was totally shocked that we bought 2 dozen.  He even asked what we would do with so many donuts.  Well with a family of 7 they don’t last long, and he soon realized that after he polished off 5 donuts in about 3 minutes.johann krispyK


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