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johann gunsIt is not common to own a gun or even see a gun on France.  So today we took Johann to Sportsman’s Warehouse to see lots of guns, ammo and hunting equipment.  We had the cutest little gal behind the counter showing  him all kinds of guns and telling him all about the ammo.

On the way home we decided to get him a slushy at Sonic, he had never heard of them before.  In France many drinks are served at room temperature,  you have to ask for ice if you want it in your drink.  He also had never heard of a brain freeze, or ice cream headache.  He decided he wanted to try and get one…lol. SO he chugged his slushy as fast as he could, took a few minutes but finally got the dreaded “brain freeze headache” we laughed that he is becoming more American by the minute.johann coon skin hatsOur church youth group went to the lake to go boating. Johann was very excited about this.  He got to try and wake board for the first time ever, took him a few times to get the hang of it but once he got it down he had a blast.

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  1. I just read your blog and found out that he’s just here for he summer. How fun!
    Our Dominik loved Jimmy John’s and Big Jud’s, so be sure to try those places with him. I think you all have a Big Jud’s on your side of the state.

  2. Is Johann an exchange student? If so, why only 42 days? We have now had 3 students. The 2nd one was the one that stayed with us the entire school year and we all had a great time with him. The 1st one we think didn’t really want to do an exchange and we think it was her parent’s idea, so she wasn’t happy here and left us early. The 3rd one, who just left last month, came to us as an “emergency” situation, as her former host family wasn’t working out well with her. We had her for 3.5 months and she was great. We hope you enjoy Johann!

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