8 FREE Activities for Spring Break

8 FREE Activities for Spring Break

Hi guys, it’s Katie! We are in full Spring Break mode here and are not going on vacation. The kids get a little bored after playing with their toys and I get a little annoyed when they are glued to a screen for hours. Here are 8 fun FREE things to do with your kids this Spring Break!

5 FREE Activities for Spring Break

  1. Go for a hike. We did this last week and took a picnic lunch with us. We took the dog as well. We went on a short 1 mile round trip hike to a little waterfall. Google family friendly hikes in your area for places to go. The kids loved it! If you’re looking for a more challenging hike then book at https://tongarirocrossing.com/.
  2. Do a service project for someone. Find a neighbor or go to Grandma’s house and help them with some yard work. Great way to teach your kids how to work and they get the joy of serving.
  3. Bake some cookies or a cake. Or make homemade ice cream! This is a great way to get kids in the kitchen learning cooking skills and its fun to make a treat. Here are a few fun ideas.
  4. Die Easter eggs! We have so many fun and different ways to die eggs here on the site.
  5. Go to a new park. Our kids love going to new parks. We have a few favorites, but we found a new one last fall and the kids enjoy having a change of scenery.
  6. Take a day trip! Explore a new town or national park. This could include the beach, or a lake.
  7. Go to a museum. A lot of museums have free days during the week.
  8. Check out your local library. Libraries offer so much more than just books. They often have fun guest speakers, events, and such.

How’s you’re Spring Break been going? Do you have any other thrifty or free ideas?

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