Thrifty Tips for Entertaining the Kids 6/2


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I take my girls to work with me. I work at a church so they have a playground, video games, cable TV, wireless internet, a gym, & much more to keep them occupied. We also take our lunch from all the goodies we’ve stocked up on!


We are participating in Kids bowl free program. We also purchased an annual pass to our children’s museum that gets us into other museums in the state and other states we will be visiting thus summer.

Whitney H

I’ve posted 2x on your website for this post but it’s not showing up. weird. Anyways. I’ll be teaching my son the difference between weeds and plants- he keeps pulling my tomato plants up! We will also be using our groupon for the zoo, hitting up the free pools/ sprinkler pad/parks/museums. We may hit a dollar movie or two. Not sure if my two yr old is ready for that yet though. I follow a blog called Free Fun in Austin. You can find her on facebook. She has a comprehensive list of VBS and free places. She also has calendars for free food/ free events/activities and updated her readers daily on new oppurtunities. Maybe there is a site like that for your area?. As for chores- Each chore has a points/dollar value. You can assign different prizes for diff. points. Maybe you have some groupons saved up that you could give as prizes or let your kids pick an outing at a certain points level. Some other prizes could include- picking the next movie yall watch favorite candy bar or dinner etc. If chores back up then they lose a privelage/belonging until it’s caught up. You could also do something like “you need to earn “x” points a day- you pick the chores you do to get them” etc. Get the idea?

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