50% off the Neti Pot

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A year ago I had no clue what a Neti Pot was.  Till one day I was watching Opera and Dr. OZ was telling everyone how great these pots are.  They are really weird, you pour water in one nostril  and it comes out the  other side of your nose…..it is a natural way to get rid of cold, runny nose etc.   Well I am the kind of person that hates taking medications, so I thought it may be weird but worth a try.  SO the next time I got sick I bought one, and have to admit I think it helped me get better much quicker.  Has anyone else tired them?  What did you think?  This month at Walgreens you can get them 50% off, click the link below for more info.

50% off the Neti Pot product line during the entire month of September 2009 only at Walgreens.com!

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