75% off select Scentsy Sale Extended ~ Christmas Gift Ideas~Teacher Gifts

Scentsy warmer

Due to system issues the Monster Monday Scentsy Sale has been extended until Tuesday night at 11:59 PT. If you weren’t able to place your order yesterday, here is your chance to get in on these great deals.  75% off select Scentsy items. Check out the great deals HERE!!




  1. Tried to order yesterday but the website was so slow kept deleting the items in my cart

  2. No, but when you are just ordering a 7.50 item and the shipping is more than that, I had second thoughts about what a good deal it was. ;o)

  3. exactly- and every teacher I know (and that is a lot) loves all the gifts. We know people don’t have a lot to spend but something little makes you realize that all your work/effort is seen and appreciated.

  4. I look at it this way. My son spends about as much time with his teacher than he does with me. I might not be able to give her an expensive gift, but I do want her to know how much I appreciate her. ~ Tonya

  5. I have to say that every year a few kids give me gifts– just little stuff– but it warms my heart because so much of my job is like swimming against the current (I am a special ed teacher)

  6. Bwaahhh hahhaaaaaaa. Is that a hint as to what you want for Christmas this year? 🙂

  7. Just wondering….so much is different nowadays. Sorry you don’t get presents 🙁

  8. It’s not mandatory, but definitely a nice gesture for someone who plays a huge role in your child’s development.

  9. Is that really a thing now? It never was when I was a kid and now my daughter is almost 5 mos. Is it like a new obligtory thing that you buy teachers presents?

  10. Cracker Barrel also has inexpensive items for teachers gifts. And does free gift wrapping!

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