8 books available for free download

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Deseret Book currently has 8 books available for free download. (With a 9th at the bottom of the webpage that you can get one chapter a week, although that’s too much remembering for me!) Just go to: http://deseretbook.com/free. The books available are:
1. Please Pass the Scripture (by me, John Hilton III).
2. What I Wish I Would Have Known When I Was Single (by John Bytheway).
3. Sisters at the Well (by Richard and Jeni Holzapfel).
4. Digging Deeper (by Robert Eaton).
5. 10 Secrets Wise Parents Know (by Brent Top and Bruce Chadwick).
6. Growing Up: Gospel Answers About Maturation and Sex (by Brad Wilcox).
7. Saving Kristen (by Jack Weyland). (fiction)
8. The Book of Mormon Sleuth, Vol 3 (by C.B. Anderson)
Thanks Saving Saints for passing this along!

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