A Bag Of Rice Project #4 visit to Roselyn Oyim

Learn how you can be apart of helping people who are in need with our A Thrifty Mom Bag of Rice Campaign. In 2016 we started helping a young man named Ikechukwu from Nigeria. Summer of 2019 we were able to visit his family in Aba, Nigeria. While there we saw widespread poverty and lack of basic needs. We would like to invite you to help meet one of those basic needs, by providing Nigerian families with rice. This gift will feed a large family for a few months, or a single person a year. It also reminds them they are loved, and brings most of them to tears… as a full bag of rice is one of the most generous gifts they will ever receive.

The Following story is about the Roselyn Oyim, her bag of rice was donated thanks Barb Przybylski , Melanie Floyd, Rakale Smith and Patty McDaniel this is the 4th bag of rice our program has been able to give away thanks to generous donations!

On our next visit we set out for Ebonyi state, a 3 hour journey to meet 3 wonderful people. The first was 74 year old Mrs Roselyn Ogeri Oyim, a peasant farmer for over two decades, who can no longer engage in farming activities due to a bad sight problem. She hails from Amangbala village, Ebonyi State, South-east, Nigeria.

A widow, whose husband died in 2003, and was later bereaved of her two children twelve years later, this happened in quick succession in 2015 and 2016 leaving her to cater for the remaining 4, who are neither working nor doing any sort of meaning endeavors. It was a long period of grief, because the two who died, died as fully-grown adults and were the bread winners of the family.

It was in this conditions that we met Mrs Roselyn, the area where she cooks her meals was a sore sight as was her living conditions which we could not take pictures of.  Not used to this gesture of kindness she thanked us profusely for the gift of the rice. I have never seen this much happiness over something as simple as a bag of rice. I wish we could have done more for her, and as we stayed with her and heard her stories it warmed our hearts that we had made a difference in the life of this woman.

Learn how you can be apart of helping people who are in need with our A Thrifty Mom Bag of Rice Campaign. You can also read about other families we have been able to bless here.