Pass those Freebies along…

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img_0647If you have read my blog very long you know I get a lot of fun freebies in the mail.  I get about 5 free magazines a month.  I enjoy them, but once I am done with them I normally let my kids cut them up for craft projects, or toss them in the recycle pile.  Well last month my daughter was getting a check-up  at the doctors office.  They were very busy that day, so we had to wait a while to be seen.  The waiting room had a few medication pamphlets but nothing to read or look at.  Needless to say it was a long wait.  That is when I had the idea to pass along all my free magazines.  Of course I asked them to make sure it was ok….they were happy to take them.   I just cut my address off the front, and dropped them off.  I plan to do this every month from now on.  What do you do with your old magazines?

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