A boy’s last wish

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Tracey sent us an email saying:

There is a brave 8 year old little boy dieing of cancer. He is in his final stages and he was asked what he wanted for Christmas he said he would like a million Christmas cards from all different cities and states

So I was wondering if there was some way maybe you could post this to help out to make this child’s wish come true thanks ..
They said Nate isn’t going to last much longer. Lets mail them out TODAY!
Ok girls, our site has 9000 visitors daily and an additional 5500 email subscribers. It wont take long to send a card! And it is a VERY cheap way to help. Just the cost of a stamp. You don’t need to buy a five dollar card. A simple hand written card by your kids in a simple envelope will work. I found out his favorite color is RED.
Here is a link from their local paper that is a year old…just so every one know he is sick.. There is a chat forum ( here) that TODAY is saying he is very very sick now…

UPDATE :mommytoadam- A friend of mine has a daughter in the same class as Nate. Yesterday they sent home letters with the children asking parents to prepare their children for the probability of Nate dying. Please get your cards in the mail to Nate soon. He is 8 years old.

Update*** Some say that this is a spoof….We looked and found it confirmed on a national news paper, and it appears to be a true story.  But snopes said it is fake?……so I do not know what to believe.  BUT what I can say it there is no harm done in sending a card filled with love from my family.  If it is fake, I am only out .49 cents for a stamp.  But my heart wants to believe instead my simple card will bring comfort to a family in their darkest hour…

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