A Cashiers request

A Cashier at a Walmart store sent us this comment. I had permission to post it because I think it is a good reminder that rules are frustrating to both customers and employees when they are at the mercy of the manager on duty:

I’ve been reading your site and honestly as a cashier myself I don’t even know the Walmart policy. The problem with it is that the rules seem to change with whatever manager or CSS is on duty. One CSS will say ‘yes we accept this’ one day and on another day a different CSS will say ‘no, we don’t accept this’ It’s very frustrating because not only do we look like we don’t know what we’re doing, we’re angering the customer because they have to wait while we figure it out. As an update for your website I talked to a co-manager 2 days ago and he said that you absolutely have to have the AD in order for us to match it, no you cannot use a coupon with AD matching because it’s fraud and we’re using their AD as a coupon (don’t ask me, it doesn’t make sense to me either) AND we absolutely DO NOT AD match to Paul’s Market. The reason for Paul’s is because ‘they are not near us and are not considered our competitor’ – DIRECT quote from manager. I know it’s frustrating for all those who coupon, but what couponers need to realize is that we are people too. We shop, AD match , coupon, and stand in line just like they do. It’s not our fault that Wal-Mart can’t make a decision and stick with it. Please be nice to us cashiers!


  1. One you are wrong because it is on the tv and if you guys argue it says that a customer and the manager call the main walmart for if there is a problem with that you dont have to bring in a ad and for second on the price matching and coupons they do that as well i do it all the darn time and i talk to the store manager when i was having problems. so you can get in trouble at your walmart.

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