A deal even I was excited about…..25 cent diapers

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I was all ready to go shopping Thursday to take advantage of the wonderful friends and family discount they had Thursday and Friday, as well as the spend $25 get back a $5 RR ( ended Thursday).  When out of the blue, my eyes saw a star burst light and I got a horrible migraine headache.  Long story short, I missed the sell…was laid up in bed for about 16 hours.  Thanks to my wonderful husband Matt who took take of the kids, and kept the blog running. I am still not feel great…but feeling much better!

Friday I was able to get to my favorite Walgreens and get one of the best deals on diapers ever!!!!!!  I only have 3 months till my new little one comes and I am trying to plan ahead and have a good stockpile of diapers for him!


Before sales or coupons this would have cost $71.94 plus tax

I was able to get it all for $1.50

Plus I got back $12 in register rewards!!!!

Huggies Diapers at Walgreens are normally priced at $11.99, on sale this week for $8.99 with $2RR

  • One pack of diapers $8.99 with friends and family discount  $7.64
  • Used the Manufacturer coupon for $2.00 off
  • used the Walgreens coloring book coupon with F&F discount took off .85 cents
  • I wanted to pay with my $5 Register rewards from the spend $25 get back $5 promo so I bought a Snickers as a filler item .76
  • used Walgreens in ad coupon that took another .43 cents off the snickers
  • Then paid with a $5 Register Reward from promo earlier
  • Brought my total to .12 cents plus .13 cents tax
  • Final price .25 cents
  • Plus after I paid I got back another $2 register reward for buying the diapers

IMG_0370Now that is a THRIFTY DEAL!!!!  I did this 6 times,  I had to pay for them separate to have the RR print each time.  Please remember that my local store has an overstock of diapers right now…..so it was a good time to stock up and not clear the  shelves!

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