A few hints on bug control

bugs_weevilThanks to Donna for Passing along this Thrifty tip,

I just wanted to share with you and your readers just a few hints on bug control. They can vary from area to area, I have dealt with just a couple of bugs, ants and weevil’s . Well anyway. One time I bought some wild rice mix. I put it in the cupboard for later use. A few weeks later I woke up to weevil ( a nasty little black bug that loves to find your food) everywhere in my cupboard. I soon discovered they were coming from the wild rice. They were in everything. Nothing is worse than spending your hard earned $$ to have it wasted. So. After getting rid of the bugs which can be very hard to do,and allot of food later. I take great care in storing my food. I make sure it is all stored in airtight containers. Like the cereal we got at Albert son’s when they had great deal’s a couple of months back. I bought the 5 gal size bags and gal bags and all sizes and I seal everything up and re-use them for other food when I am done. So nothing is wasted. Big totes are wonderful too. So happy deal finding to you ,but make sure your food finds are safe from bugs. I also date everything and keep it in order so I will always use the oldest things first. Keep open containers away from the un-opened food. unless in an airtight container and finally keep it clean. They wont be able to smell your food if it is kept sealed up. I hope this helps. My next food class is going to be on this very subject. So I thought I would pass it on. “Some food for thought.”

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