A new look into another window

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So little Matthew has learning difficulties that are from months spent confined to hospital beds. He was born with half a heart know as Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome. We have had years of struggles with his health and his learning. Daily we get progress notes from his teachers and aides at school. Daily we work on his homework desperately trying to help him catch up in life. We love getting helpful hints from my mom (Matt’s mom). She has taught kids with learning and life challenges for many many years. She teaches the headstart program, at least that is what we call it here in Idaho. Kids who are blind, or have other challenges in life to get them prepared for main stream school. One of the forms of challenges she works with is kids with Autism. She has attended more conferences then I can count on Autism. What I know is these kids, and their families have a huge road ahead of them. With so many different treatment plans and ideas that may or may not work, it can be a difficult path for families. I saw this on a friends Facebook page, and knew I should share it. It shows that similar to a person who has had a stroke or cerebral vascular accident , where they are trapped in a body but can fully understand what is around them, but have incredibly hard time trying to express verbally their intentions. Also their bodies one side or another are also unable to preform certain task. Similar to them, this video seems to open the window on what others trapped inside an Autistic mind might be facing.

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