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One of our readers, Suprina, sent us this nice email about how A Thrifty Mom has helped her family and one of her shopping trips she is proud of. We are so happy she is able to save her family money while her husband is working so hard and going to school! Keep up the good work! She writes:

I just wanted to send you a HUGE thank you! And share you with you some pictures of my great deals.
First off, I have been following your blog for 3 months.  I started using coupons March 16th of this year.  But it wasn’t until I found your blog that I really started searching for deals and saving money.
My family is a family of 6.  My husband retired 3 years ago after serving 22 years in The Army.  I am a stay at home mom of 4.  Daniel is 12, Aimee is 11, Zachary is 8 and David is 5.  My husband is also a disabled veteran.  After retiring he went back to college.  He graduates May of 2010. He has held down 2 jobs at the college while going to school full time and also caring for his family.

We were in need of saving money…so I decided to give coupons a try.  And with the amazing help from you, your blog, and your readers, I have found some amazing deals and starting to get the flow of using coupons.  It does TAKE time.

I live in Tennessee.  I shop at Walgreens, Walmart, and Sometimes Kroger.  However, I do most of my grocery shopping at the Commissary.

comsavingsI got all of those items pictured for free.
-here are the items listed…
*8 Country Time Pink Lemonades (They were a $1.00 each)
*4-24 ounce Hunt’s Ketchup bottles (They were $.49 each)
*20-packages of Bumble Tuna ($.75 each Free and a Quarter overage each! We get to keep our overage at the commissary!!)
*1-Taco Seasoning( $.50 with $.50 overage)
*15-Marcal Small step Toilet paper rolls ($.69 each)
*Marie Calendars Fish sticks ($2.50 received $.50 overage)
*Marie Fish fillets ($2.50 received $.50 overage)
*6-Glade 2 oz. Candles ($2.39 each)
*Fancy Feast Kitty Food ($.89)
*1- Beef Stroganoff seasoning mix ($.50 received $.50 overage!)
*6-Chinet plates 36 count ($1.79, received $.21 overage on each one)

comsavings1 I purchased both of those Glade 10 oz soy candles for $.38 each!

comsavings8I purchased all 8 boxes of brownie mix for $.50 each!  The fruit chiller was also $.50!

scan0010 is what I saved!  Had I not used coupons my total would have been $244.97.  Without the surcharge it was under $100.  Plus, I bought all the qualifying items to send off for the Kellogg’s Fuel For School Rebate.

Thank you SO very much for helping me along!  I really appreciate it from the bottom of my heart and so does my family.

Take Care,

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