A Thrifty Birthday Gift For My Mom

img_06102It was my Moms Birthday this week.  I always try to do something special for her, this year I decided to do a “thrifty gift”.  My moms does not coupon much.   She lives out in the country, and only makes it into town once a week.    Couponing has been a huge blessing in my life, it works for me but that does not mean it is for everyone. My mom just happens to be one of those people.  So this year I gave my mom a basket full of bathroom items, it was stuffed to the top.  I was able to get most of it free or almost free.  But if my Mom would have gone out and paid full price it would have cost over $45.00.  

My mom may not coupon but she is very thrifty, so she was very excited to get this gift.  Not all Moms would be so gracious.  Growing up my family gave gifts that were more about what our needs were….not so much what our wants were.  In fact it was tradition that the Easter bunny always brought me nylons for church.  I never thought it was weird, that is just how my family did things. It was a great lesson for me to learn that you  don’t always get what you want right away.  If you really want it, then you have to work to get it.  The first year I was married I gave my husbands  socks, shirts, razors, soap, toothpaste and carwash for Christmas.  I think he was a little shocked at my gift selection for him.  He loves me anyway and has learned support my “weird thrifty side”

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