A Thrifty Dad deal, half off a PC


Well its Matt again. No this isn’t an error message about something not working, or browsers issues, all though they are fixed today. This is a message about a great deal I got. So the whole blogging thing requires a lot of time and effort on a computer. Well “my” computer went south this week. First I thought by buying a new monitor would fix my issue, but when I went shopping, a monitor would cost me around $200 for one that I could deal with. I do like large monitors. Well while I was shopping at Costco, I found a HP computer, mouse, keyboard, all cables, and a monitor. A 24 inch monitor that also flips around to read like a paper, narrow side to side, but long vertically. Those type of monitors are around $500 by them self. Now you ask ‘What’s the thrifty deal?”. Well The combo computer unit was originally $999.99. It was on sale for $749.97. Something I learned is that if you see the number end with a “7” at Costco, it means it has been marked down. Now when I showed up today there to buy it, they had written “display only”! I didn’t want a display, but I talked to the manager and they knocked off an additional $50. So now the subtotal is $699.97. Well I don’t condone the use of credit cards ( due to spending more then you make) but over the year, buying as at 3% cash back and percentages cash back for other purchases on our American express card, we built up a $215 bonus check this month to use at Costco. So my grand total for my computer $484.97 WOW

So my specification on my pc for you computer geeks:

Pentium Dual-core 2.5 GHz
Ram 4 GB
500 GB internal Hard drive
DVD burner, 15 multi media ports, Windows Vista Premium Home, ect… all the other included software and misc accessories

oh did I mention the 24 inch monitor that turns 90 deg?
If you have a Costco nearby, here is the link to get the American Express Card with the same benefits.
American Express