Have old coupons? Help a Military family

Thought it would be a good idea to post this again….I have new readers everyday.  This is a great way to give back!

Well by now there is a good possibility you have a large stack of coupons you have collected. And are procrastinating going through them to “clean” them out. It can be a chore to remove the expired coupons from your collection. Well at least now you can do it with a humanitarian goal in mind. This time get your friends to come over and get some of those free snacks we have brought home using coupons, and have a Clean the Coupon Binder Day.
Why you may ask?
Well the U.S. Military can use expired coupons at over sea bases for more then 2 months past the date. Oversea military families can use the coupons at the on base commissary (military grocery store). Now they prefer you to send them no later then 2 months expired. Although they can still use them past that 2 month mark. It takes the volunteers who sort them time to organize and redistribute them. And of coarse shipping time is needed too.
Get together as church groups, friends, or even just your family and send your coupons overseas to support the families in our military. By going to the Adopt a Base page and following the very simple instructions on the top of the page you can put those soon to expire, or recently expired coupons to good use!
They prefer you place your coupons in a baggie, or envelope.
Bundle them in “food” and “non-food” bundles
You can choose one base and stay with them, or choose a different one every time.
Only accept them if they are not more then 2 months expired at time of shipment.

Here is the Base Adoption list

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