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I was honored to be asked to take part as a Frugal Blogger in the All You Grocery Challenge. Today A Thrifty Mom was featured on their site.  Here is part of the story:

Growing up on a small farm in Middleton, Idaho, Sarah Barrand learned at a young age that day or night, there were always chores to do. Her mother taught her she could be happy with less and told her to always put her needs in front of her wants.

Sarah kept these lessons in the back of her mind, but didn’t always follow them as an adult. Pleased with her job, she thought she had “made it” and started buying frivolously.  “Suddenly, I realized I had a lot of bills to pay,” Sarah says. On top of that, her husband was $10,000 in debt. Together, they decided to get out of debt and spend no more than $10 to $15 per week on groceries.

Their first child, Matthew, was born with hypoplastic left heart syndrome – a condition that meant the left side of his heart was severely underdeveloped. For three years, the Barrands would travel frequently for Matthew’s surgeries.

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I was also the featured in this article Live a fulfilling, Frugal lifestyle with one Frugal Blogger’s tips

Take couponing seriously. “Extreme couponing is like a fad diet. At first, people get really excited about all the savings that can be had. They shop every store, grab every deal and buy a ridiculous amount of products just because they’re free. You can’t maintain this lifestyle without hitting a coupon burnout. Just like a fad diet, you can’t make it a way of life.”

*  Prevent frustration with the ultimate couponing guide!

Double up. “My biggest saving strategy is to coordinate using coupons with a sale item to get the lowest shelf price. Plus, I try to save at least five of the same coupon so I can get multiplies of a product and save on each one. I’ve even stocked up on one year’s worth of a particular item!”

* Stock up on canned foods to make simple and quick dishes.

Determine your wants and needs. “It takes dedication not to make impulse buys. And it’s important to plan your meals around what you already have in the house.”

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Thanks Alyssa at All You it was a pleasure to work with you!

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