A Thriving Life on a Budget

So awhile back I posted about some very yummy EASY macaroon cookies. Well since then Matt and I have expanded! We have always know the importance of having some kind of food storage and emergency preparedness supplies on hand. And with that we have always strived to be thrifty which has also has thrown a few bumps in my path. Not that I couldn’t find foods to store that are cheap or on sale, it was that when I would find them, they were always expiring in just a few short months and packed with sugar and preservatives.

  1. that doesn’t work well for long term storage
  2. they all contained things I didn’t want to feed my family

Q-stepsWhen we first stumbled upon Thrive Life (aka Shelf Reliance) we were very excited about The Q!  The Q is a program that allowed us to pick the foods that we wanted (strawberries, pineapple, blueberries, cheese, yogurt, chicken, etc) and put them in a Q (like Netflix for food). After we did that, we then set a budget amount, this would be the amount we would spend on those food products that we  just added into our Q.

Do we have $200.00 extra to spend on these foods??? NO, so we looked at our current grocery budget and replaced those food items which we are always throwing away (celery,green onions, green chilies, spinach etc.) and put those into our first shipment. We totally reallocated our wasted grocery money into foods that would no longer get wasted!!  The last step was to pick the ship date.

Freeze Dried food

In summary we were able to choose the YUMMY Freeze Dried foods that have no preservatives, additives or sugars and have a shelf life of 25 years, set our budget amount and picked the ship date. We feel very in control and at ease that we are finally getting foods that are worth storing. And we are able to do it within our budget! YAY!!! We encourage you to do the same…

Check out The Q at our online store and see what works for you! www.athriftymom.thrivelife.com