The Add-On Drawing Game

The Add-on Drawing Game

We love the Add-on Drawing Game in our family. It’s a fun quick game but generates a lot of laughs! Several years ago my daughter played this game at a party and now we play it as a family and the kids play it with their friends.

All you need for this game is a pencil and piece of paper for everyone. We use half sheets of paper to save on paper.

The add-on drawing game is great because everyone is drawing at the same time. When you get a paper don’t peek at the previous drawing! Just add the next part of the body and have fun being creative. Anyone can play regardless of artistic talent!

First everyone draw a head. Draw the lines for a neck and fold the paper down just so the neck shows.

Pass your papers to the next person in the circle.

On the paper that was passed to you add on a torso and some arms. Add lines for a waist and fold the paper again so only the lines of the waist show.

Pass the papers again.

This time everyone adds legs to the drawing. Fold the paper down again so only the ankles show.

Pass again!

Everyone adds feet or shoes to the drawings. Fold down again covering the entire drawing.

One last pass.

On the folded up paper without looking at the drawing give the person a name.

Put all the drawings in the middle and reveal them one at a time.

The people you’ve drawn can get pretty crazy and silly 🙂 This game is so easy and fun and I love that you don’t need any crazy supplies to do it.

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