Advent Calendar~ Dollar Store Pizza Pan Turned Christmas Countdown

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Advent Calendar~ Dollar Store Pizza Pan Turned Christmas Countdown

I have been on the search for the perfect Advent calendar since I started having kids.  I have started a few, but they were usually over complicated and I never finished them.  Until a quick trip to the dollar store recently led to inspiration!

You will need:

Dollar store pizza pan, or metal tray

Vinyl lettering or small number stickers #1-25

If using vinyl you will want some transfer tape to apply it

A sticker or design for the center, your final day of the countdown

ribbon for the back if you wish to hang it

Flat, clear  1 inch gem and magnet to glue on the back of gem

Begin by making sure that your pan is clean.  A good rub with rubbing alcohol may be a good idea.

If you haven’t done vinyl lettering before, it really is super easy to install.  Simply stick your transfer tape to it, rub to adhere, and transfer it to the surface you want to put it on.  I did two circles, the outer with the numbers 25-12, and the inner with the numbers 11-1.  I first placed my image in the middle, to make sure the rest was centered around it, and then applied my numbers starting with 25 and working my way down.

If you aren’t sure where to find the flat, clear stones, any craft store should sell them.  Here is a close up so you know what you are looking for

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If you are going to put some embellishment on the gem, it is a good idea to put it on the flat, back side of the stone.  This will prevent it being picked off by kids wanting to play with the magnet.  Using hot glue, super glue or E6000 apply the magnet also on the back of the stone.  Let it dry.

Apply the same glue to the back of your pizza pan and attach the ribbon.  Make sure you get it centered!

Use your magnet as the marker and change it each day from the 1st of December until you get to the center, Christmas day!

There is your super simple, adorable, easy way to countdown to Christmas!

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