Ahhhh what was I thinking…. guess where I am headed?

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So a few months ago a decided I needed to step outside of my comfort zone and attend one of the largest Bloggers conferences, BlogHer.   I was really excited about the whole idea and even decided to go alone this time so Matt could be home to tend the kids.  I am a small town farm girl so this was a huge step for me to hop on a plane and head to the unknown.

I packed my bag, which the kids thought was a great picnic table to eat their snack on this morning.   I just pray I have everything I need and didn’t forget anything important.  And have the courage to open my mouth and talk to total stranger…. I know some call this “networking” I call it torture.

On the way to the airport my sweet little one feel asleep and I realized I will not see him for 4 days.  I admit I feel a bit sick to my stomach and wonder WHAT ON EARTH I was thinking?  This is SO not me….. as I sit at the airport among business men texting, typing and talking on the phone all at the same time “about moving 3 million to  account 335” I realize I am totally out of my comfort zone.

Wish me luck… I am scared out my mind!  I will try to keep you updated about my trip 🙂

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