Alarm clock mat gets you out of bed

Alarm clock mat gets you out of bed

No more hitting the snooze until you are late, this Alarm clock mat gets you out of bed because it doesn’t go off until you stand on it for 3 seconds.

Smart Alarm Clock, Pressure Sensitive Alarm Clock, Mat Alarm Clock Wakes You Up immediately (Upgraded Small)

  • THE MOST INNOVATIVE WAY OF GETTING UP: It has never been so easy to wake up! Witawatia Smart Alarm Clock is the ultimate solution. It will effectively get you out of bed by forcing you to stand on the mat for more than 3 seconds (you will literally have to get up!). The alarm sounds that customizable will not stop until you stand on the rug. It motivates your day!
  • TOE TOUCH TO KNOW TIME RIGHT WAY: Stand on Witawatia Smart Alarm Clock or just slightly press it with your toes; you will know what time is it.
  • INCREDIBLY COMFORT: Made by high-density memory foam pad that hugging with soft flannelette, it’ll be the softest rug you’ve ever laid your feet on.
  • CUSTOMIZATION ALARM SOUND: Your clock alarm sounds can be customized, simply connect a USB cable and drag sounds from your computer. All you have to do is put in batteries and it works simple.
  • BRIGHT LED DISPLAY: the LED light in the mat doubles as night light.

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