Albertsons, if you are a couponer you got to LOVE this store!!!

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I posted early this morning that I was going to miss out on the fabulous Twice the Value coupons at Albertsons this morning.  Why, because it just did not fit into my crazy day of being a mom. Read more about that here. Matt got home from his shift at the hospital tonight and I finally headed into Albertsons  tonight about 8:30 pm.  Keep in mind this is now two days into the sale and I was not expecting to find much……. Oh “me” of little faith.

My favorite Albertsons was there for me again totally stocked up and had most the hot deal I as looking for in stock!!!!!  They even had Emeral Breakfast on the go!  In my coupon classes that I teach I always talk about stores that are appropriate to stock up at, and ones that are not.  I love the Caldwell stadium store because they really try hard to have what you want, in huge quantities.   And they really showed that this week!

If any of you are looking from the Duncan Heinz Brownies I am sure they would love to fill your cart with as many as you want… so they are not stuck with a bunch of overstock or the Maruchan Yakisoba noodles.

One thing that some of you may have noticed this weekend is the Caldwell store is no longer allowed to give you unlimited doublers.  They are happy to give you 3 sets of doublers (for a total of 9) each day at the customer service booth.  They had a lot of unhappy shoppers today at these new rules.  You are still welcome to use as many doubles as you want IF you bring your own, one more reason getting the Sunday paper low as $.28 each with the A Thrifty Mom paper deal is a great deal!

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