All in the day of being a Mom ~ slippery, soapy, poop/ berry flavored rocket

We had all 4 kids dressed and ready to head out the door to church yesterday. When I see my 2 year old peeking out from behind his bedroom door (he goes in there to hide, so he can do his “business” alone). Ugghhh are you kidding me, I ask him…
“Did you poop?”
No need to answer, the crap cloud hits me in the face like a silent but deadly veil or toxic gas. Going into survival mode I lift him up under the armpits and carry him into the bathroom… arms straight out as to not make contact since I am dressed in my church clothes.
I plop him down in the middle of the bathroom and in one fluid motion strip all this clothes off… only to notice he has poop running down his legs (all done while holding my breath, it is amazing how long a Mom can go without breathing while changing poopy drawers …).
Into the tub he goes, forget being “thrifty” this was an intervention and berry scented body wash is our only hope… using more than the recommended dose, my 2 year old has now become a “slippery, soapy, poop/ berry flavored rocket” as he giggles and slides from one end of the tub to the other… I rinse him off, scrub him down with a towel. Then almost like super man I put new church clothes on in a flash. Ready to head back out the door, all of this done in about 4 minutes flat….
All in the day of being a Mom 🙂

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