Allergy study needs participants – with compenstation

A pharmaceutical company is looking for people 5 to 65 years of age who suffer from seasonal allergies that are willing to participate in a clinical research study.
Seasonal allergies may result in additional health problems, including asthma. Research doctors are enrolling today and health insurance is not required. All information is kept strictly confidential. If you or your child is burdened with seasonal allergies, click here to learn more about the benefits and risks of the study.
Qualified participants may receive at no-cost:
• Study-related doctor visits and examinations up to 15 months
• Investigational oral medication
• Allergy medications during the 2012 pollen season
• Compensation for time and travel Visit today NOTE only Certain Zipcodes will qualify

The qualifying Zipcodes are found in the following states:
New York Pennsylvania Maryland Massachusetts Ohio Michigan Missouri Colorado Idaho Utah California Oregon Washington Rhode Island Connecticut New Jersey



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