American Girl Activity Book Sets ~ Sale

American Girl  Activity Books sale, gift ideas for 18 inch dolls american girl

My girls think these American Girl Activity Book Sets are “So Cool”, so I was happy to see a bunch of them on sale. Make a great gift, and I love that they are both educational and crafty… .the perfect combo. 
Baking with Grace: Discover the Recipe for Ooh La La! (American Girl)

Bake up a bakery business with help from Grace, our Girl of the Year 2015! From making a doll-sized oven for baking pretend treats to setting up signs and putting together to-go boxes, dolls will have everything needed to create a Parisian-style shop. A paper chalkboard is perfect for displaying today’s menu, and little paper doilies add an elegant touch. Includes: 32-page how-to book in English; doll-sized oven mitt; 2 patisserie bags; 2 bread bags; 1 paper chalkboard; 1 sheet of stickers for labeling and crafting; 5 sheets of paper for signs, ice cream cones, a newspaper, table tents, French flags, and doilies; 5 sheets of punch-outs for boxes, signs, doughnuts, crafting, doilies, and more!

Doll School: For girls who love to teach! (Truly Me)

Give your dolls an “A+” education! This book will teach you everything you need to know about starting a doll school, from planning lessons and grading tests to taking attendance and decorating your classroom. Includes a chalkboard, world map, report cards, library books, flashcards, hall passes, and other doll-sized school supplies.

Doll Art Studio: Turn your doll into an artist using the craft ideas and supplies inside! (American Girl)

Now you can turn your doll into an instant artist! Inside this activity kit, you’ll find tools and tips for designing an art studio your doll will love, plus the supplies you need to put on a gallery show that’s filled with glamour and gorgeous art. Best of all, you’ll be inspired to explore your own creative talents to make your own works of art. This kit includes a how-to book, plus these doll-sized supplies: tabletop easel, blank art canvases, wall mural, stickers, paper for patterns and textiles, lots of punch-out art tools, and much more.

Doll Travel: Trips to take and crafts to make (American Girl)

Girls can design a dream vacation for their dolls! This kit includes supplies girls can use to create make-believe theme parks, sandy beaches, and charming cruises. Includes a real doll-sized duffel bag, an idea book, and travel essentials: a pretend passport, mini international maps, faux airline tickets, souvenirs, play money, and more.

Doll Star: Create lots of ways to play onstage!

It’s showtime! This kit has everything you need to give your doll a chance to shine. Will she be a famous actor or director? Chef or author? Singer or talk-show host? Turn your doll into a superstar with the ideas and supplies in this kit! Comes with punch-out keyboards and guitars, designer-dress ideas for performances and show nights, a movie clapperboard, stickers, and much more!

Doll at Work: No job is too small for your doll with the cool tools inside!

Discover your doll’s strongest skills, and help her bank on them! Does she excel at organizing? She would be a great party planner! Can she hustle? Send her on deliveries. Does she love being outdoors in the fresh air? She’d love to be a professional dog-walker! Inside this book, you’ll learn how your doll can start a business or just serve her community. Includes lots of supplies to make each task even more fun! Luckily for you, a doll’s work is never done!

Doll Boutique: Create glamorous gowns, high-fashion hats, and other little luxuries!

Send your doll shopping for glamorous gowns, fancy handbags, and high-fashion hats in her very own boutique! Set up shop with a fun and fancy boutique tabletop and dress rack for displaying items, plus a chandelier and decorative posters to add pizazz. To stock the shelves, use the ideas in the book to create jaw-dropping, no-sew dresses and accessories–just provide a bit of fabric from a shirt sleeve or other simple clothing item you no longer use. The supplies will help you design a luxury store where your doll can shop till she drops!

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