And they are off…

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School started today for my little ones.  Oh they were both so excited, jumped out of bed gobbled down some breakfast, put on their new school clothes.  Tried to navigate putting on their back packs that are almost as big as they are and eagerly awaited the bus.


Mckeely is going to Kindergarten and is such a smart little cookie.  She has a mind like her Daddy, very inquisitive always trying to figure things out and loves to learn.  She does not hesitate to try new things either  (I hate new things)  This morning she decided she did not need Mommy to drive her to school, she was ready to ride the bus all by herself.


So I walked her to the bus stop, waited for the bus and my heart sank a little as my little girl bounced up the stairs.  Earl her driver greeted her with a smile.  She happily said, Hi my name is Mckeely and I am going to kindergarten.


And just like that she drove away….  I hope she is ok.  She has a 20 minute ride and I hope she arrives with a smile on her face.  ( Am I the only Mommy who wanted to run after the bus, so I could snatch her back off and make sure she is ok)


Next was Little Matthew.  His bus comes 20 minutes later, he must of asked 40 times…Is my bus coming? He rides the special needs bus so they can watch over him in-case of a medical emergency.  He noticed the gutter was full of mud, so my main goal with him was to keep him out of the mud, and get him to school clean (what is it with little boys and mud?)  He was all smiles and happy to  be off to school.

IMG_4481The house seems so quite, Maveric is asleep in his bed, Matt is at work and Maleeya is painting at the kitchen table.  Seems like it is going to be a pretty good day….sure hope my kiddos have a great first day at school!

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