April Fools….did you do anything silly?

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As a  child I loved April Fools day, My mom would always do silly little things to make the day fun.  Today I decided to make our Breakfast silly! With some blue and green pancakes…..


I just used a little food coloring, the kids thought it was so silly!

We added blue swirls to the top to make them even more colorful.


Mckeely even baked one in her easy bake oven.


Then this afternoon we did a silly treasure hunt with the kids.  One of the things they got to do was hang the left over silly pancakes up in the trees for the squirrels.  They were laughing so hard they could hardly stand up.

IMG_1674Doing silly things can be so simple, but can bring so much joy to your little ones day.  Did you do anything silly today???

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